Trainers – user guide

The first time you log into QPort you will be asked to verify your basic information.

  • Your GMC number
  • Your preferred e-mail address – all e-mails sent through QPort will be received at this address including study leave requests (as applicable) from your trainee/s
  • Your main specialty – please choose from the drop down list
  • Your main sub-specialty
  • Your Professional Body Membership

You will then be asked to define, in 200 words or less, your educational activities.

You will then need to

  • complete the date of your last Equality and Diversity Training (using the drop down boxes)
  • complete the date of your last educational appraisal (using the drop down boxes)
  • You can also upload your personal development portfolio

To upload your portfolio from your computer use the ‘Browse’ button to locate your portfolio then click on the ‘Complete registration’ button and your portfolio will automatically upload.

You will then be taken to your ‘Your training’ dashboard screen which shows

  • the date of your last equality and diversity training.
  • the date of your last educational appraisal.
  • if you have not yet uploaded your Personal Development Portfolio you can do so here.
  • Your Professional Development Checklist

Each professional framework area must be supported by a course covering that area within the last 6 months.

To update your Professional Development Checklist please add a course using the ‘Add a new course’ button.

Once you have chosen the areas the course covered and updated your record areas which have been completed within the past 6 months will show as green on your Professional Development Checklist.

You may also view your portfolio by clicking on the ‘View Portfolio’ button.

Under the ‘Trainees’ tab you can view information on trainees who are being educationally and/or clinically supervised by you.

The ‘Your courses’ tab will allow you to update your courses using the ‘Add new course’ button, to view courses undertaken and to edit these courses.

At any time you can update your information by clicking on the ‘edit profile’ button on the top bar of the screen.

If at any time you forget your password you can reset it using the ‘Forgotten password?’ option on the sign in screen.