Trainees – user guide

When you first log into QPort you will see the welcome page.

Any reminders regarding feedback or information on study leave approval requests will be displayed at the top of this page.

To view your dashboard please click on the button ‘Go to your dashboard’

Alternatively if you wish to Request study leave or edit your profile please use the tabs on the top bar of the page.


Your dashboard displays your placement details, including specialty, location and contact details for your clinical and educational supervisors. If any details are incorrect please contact your training scheme manager.

The dashboard also displays you attendance at any courses e.g. the MRCPsych course, the higher trainees education programme etc. Your attendance will be updated by the PGME staff – if it has been incorrectly noted please contact the relevant member of staff.

The dashboard also displays the amount of money and time you have remaining from your study leave allocation.

For a new study leave request please click the button. ‘New study leave request’. On the page you will be asked to complete details of the course you are requesting leave for. You will need to confirm that you have discussed and agreed this with your trainer.

Once you submit the form it will be sent for authorisation and you will be notified by an automatic e-mail whether it has been approved.


This is a collection of educational materials stored on QPort.

Any lectures/presentations will be stored here following events.